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The Barthel Index is considered to be the best of the ADL measurement scales. However, there are some scales that are more sensitive to small changes in functional independence than the Barthel Index. The sensitivity of the Barthel Index can be improved by expanding the number of categories used to record improvement in each ADL function. Suggested changes(More)
At present many of the activities of daily living indices used in Australia lack essential characteristics of an index yielding desirable results. This study argues that the Barthel Index as modified by Shah, Vanclay and Cooper (1989a) is robust and has the required biometric and psychometric qualities. It presents evidence in support of the use of the(More)
We discuss the functional ability of all 258 surviving patients with first stroke referred for inpatient comprehensive rehabilitation in Brisbane, Australia, during 1984 and derive an equation to predict the discharge Barthel Index score from characteristics assessed at admission to comprehensive rehabilitation. A boundary condition limiting improvement for(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the extent of headache education received by medical students and residents. BACKGROUND Headache is a common, often severe, and sometimes disabling problem. However, 49% of sufferers do not seek professional treatment-of those who do, only 28% are very satisfied. One possible reason is limited education of physicians about headache.(More)
The Adolescent Asthma Action programme (Triple A) has been used successfully to promote asthma knowledge, awareness and quality of life in adolescents with asthma in Australia. We describe the feasibility and acceptability of an adaptation of this English-language, peer-led, asthma education programme in a girls' high school in Northern Jordan. The pilot(More)
A prospective, multi-institutional, population based study identified 1274 non-surgical stroke admissions to all hospitals in a major Australian city during 1984. The demographic and diagnostic profile and the nature of functional recovery of all 258 first stroke survivors who were referred for inpatient rehabilitation are presented. The median duration of(More)
This prospective, multicentre, population study, of all first-stroke survivors in one year referred for in-patient rehabilitation, compares the efficiency and effectiveness of functional recovery following ad hoc and routine rehabilitation of general medical wards with intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation of mixed disability geriatric/rehabilitation(More)