Shivshankar Umashankar

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Identification of the factors critical to the tumor-initiating cell (TIC) state may open new avenues in cancer therapy. Here we show that the metabolic enzyme glycine decarboxylase (GLDC) is critical for TICs in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). TICs from primary NSCLC tumors express high levels of the oncogenic stem cell factor LIN28B and GLDC, which are(More)
SUMMARY Analysis of high throughput metabolomics experiments is a resource-intensive process that includes pre-processing, pre-treatment and post-processing at each level of experimental hierarchy. We developed an interactive user-friendly online software called Metabolite Data Analysis Tool (MetDAT) for mass spectrometry data. It offers a pipeline of tools(More)
Enterococcus faecalis is frequently associated with polymicrobial infections of the urinary tract, indwelling catheters, and surgical wound sites. E. faecalis co-exists with Escherichia coli and other pathogens in wound infections, but mechanisms that govern polymicrobial colonization and pathogenesis are poorly defined. During infection, bacteria must(More)
Secondary metabolites play a key role in coordinating ecology and defense strategies of plants. Diversity of these metabolites arises by conjugation of core structures with diverse chemical moieties, such as sugars in glycosylation. Active pools of phytohormones, including those involved in plant stress response, are also regulated by glycosylation. While(More)
Metabolomics is one of the most recent additions to the functional genomics approaches. It involves the use of analytical chemistry techniques to provide high-density data of metabolic profiles. Data is then analyzed using advanced statistics and databases to extract biological information, thus providing the metabolic phenotype of an organism. Large(More)
SUMMARY Data processing, analysis and visualization (datPAV) is an exploratory tool that allows experimentalist to quickly assess the general characteristics of the data. This platform-independent software is designed as a generic tool to process and visualize data matrices. This tool explores organization of the data, detect errors and support basic(More)
Networks of engineered waterways are critical in meeting the growing water demands in megacities. To capture and treat rainwater in an energy-efficient manner, approaches can be developed for such networks that use ecological services from microbial communities. Traditionally, engineered waterways were regarded as homogeneous systems with little(More)
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