Shivshankar Umashankar

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Identification of the factors critical to the tumor-initiating cell (TIC) state may open new avenues in cancer therapy. Here we show that the metabolic enzyme glycine decarboxylase (GLDC) is critical for TICs in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). TICs from primary NSCLC tumors express high levels of the oncogenic stem cell factor LIN28B and GLDC, which are(More)
A multilevel inverter is a power electronic device that is used for high voltage and high power applications, with the added advantages of low switching stress and lower total harmonic distortion (THD), hence reducing the size and bulk of the passive filters. This paper proposes a new topology of a cascaded multilevel inverter that utilizes less number of(More)
SUMMARY Analysis of high throughput metabolomics experiments is a resource-intensive process that includes pre-processing, pre-treatment and post-processing at each level of experimental hierarchy. We developed an interactive user-friendly online software called Metabolite Data Analysis Tool (MetDAT) for mass spectrometry data. It offers a pipeline of tools(More)
This paper presents the research platform for real time digital simulation (RTS) applications which replaces the requirement of full scale or partial scale validation of physical systems. To illustrate this, a three phase AC-DC-AC converter topology has been used with diode rectifier, dc link and IGBT inverter with inductive load. This paper presents design(More)
This paper presents testing and implementation of two pulse width modulation schemes i.e. bipolar sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) technique and unipolar SPWM technique for a single phase H-bridge inverter that is commonly used to regulate the magnitude and frequency of the inverter's output voltage. Both the schemes were implemented on the inverter(More)
Power quality issues are becoming more significant day by day because of increase in the usage of modern equipment's which is having power electronic circuits for better control and energy saving. These devices are responsible for generating more harmonics in the power system. Both end users and utilities are highly concerned of power quality as it is(More)
SUMMARY Data processing, analysis and visualization (datPAV) is an exploratory tool that allows experimentalist to quickly assess the general characteristics of the data. This platform-independent software is designed as a generic tool to process and visualize data matrices. This tool explores organization of the data, detect errors and support basic(More)
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