Shivdayal Patel

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A non-invasive method of assessing the stability of the human pre-corneal tear film is described using a novel keratometer mire designed in the form of a grid pattern (HIR-CAL Grid). In a laboratory environment, the technique measures with ease and little variability the time taken for the tear film to loose stability and enter the pre-rupture phase(More)
We use Chandra data to map the gas temperature in the central region of the merging cluster A2142. The cluster is markedly nonisothermal; it appears that the central cooling flow has been disturbed but not destroyed by a merger. The X-ray image exhibits two sharp, bow-shaped, shock-like surface brightness edges or gas density discontinuities. However,(More)
Tamarind is an economically important multipurpose spice which is grown both as domesticated spice in farmland and as wild in forest lands. Tamarind fruits can be processed in the variety of food products of commercial importance. The knowledge about physical properties of any biomaterial is essential to design its equipment for processing, storage,(More)
The hard X-ray (2–10 keV) luminosity of a star-forming galaxy tracks its population of high mass X-ray binaries and is essentially unobscured. It is therefore a practically unbiased measure of star-formation in the host galaxies of γ-ray bursts (GRBs). Using recent and archival observations of GRBs with the XMM-Newton and Chandra X-ray observatories, limits(More)
The probabilistic analysis takes into consideration an effect of scatter in elastic and strength properties of composite beam, and velocity of impactor. The damage model is implemented in the FE (finite element) code by a VUMAT (user-defined subroutine). The inter ply failure is modeled using cohesive surfaces between the plies. Dynamic response is obtained(More)