Shivaram Prakash

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Two young patients are described who made complete recovery from locked-in syndrome (LIS) after snakebites. LIS was a presenting feature in a patient of presumed snake bite who showed complete response to polyvalent Anti-snake venom (ASV). This case suggests that elapid snake bite should be suspected in unresponsive patient found in early morning in endemic(More)
Objectives : To compare absorbable synthetic sutures with chromic catgut sutures for episiotomy repair with respect to pain analgesic requirement, nature of wound healing, and removal of residual suture material. Methods : The study was conducted in a tertiary care hospital for Southern Railway patients. It is a prospective, comparative study between(More)
Case report A 27-years-old obese female, presented with 15 days history of acute onset holocranial throbbing headache and eight days history of acute onset rapidly progressive visual loss in both eyes. Neurological examination revealed bilateral papilloedema with visual acuity 6/60 in right eye and 1/60 in left eye with no other neurological deficit.(More)
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