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Wheat rhizospheric soils were collected from different part of northern and eastern Indo-Gangetic plains, which is being irrigated from water of Ganga River. Isolation of fluorescent Pseudomonas species was carried out from the soil samples collected. The percentage of isolates positive for indolic compound, P-solubilisation, siderophore production and ACC(More)
Oxalic acid plays major role in the pathogenesis by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum; it lowers the pH of nearby environment and creates the favorable condition for the infection. In this study we examined the degradation of oxalic acid through oxalate oxidase and biocontrol of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. A survey was conducted to collect the rhizospheric soil(More)
This paper describe a byte oriented transmission code and its hardware implementation with elaborating a method for implementation of the DC-balanced 8B/10B coding using a very fast FPGA from Spartan family. This code is particularly well suited for high-speed local area networks. This technique can be used by other high speed buses such as PCI Express,(More)
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