Shivani Yadav

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This paper describe a byte oriented transmission code and its hardware implementation with elaborating a method for implementation of the DC-balanced 8B/10B coding using a very fast FPGA from Spartan family. This code is particularly well suited for high-speed local area networks. This technique can be used by other high speed buses such as PCI Express,(More)
The taxonomic position of a Gram-stain negative, non-violaceinpigmented bacterium isolated from an insecticide-contaminated site was characterized by a polyphasic approach. The bacterium was able to grow on three different halogenated compounds namely 1-hlorobutane, 1-hloropropane and 1,2-ichloroethane. As a critical step in the degradation of these(More)
Background: Obesity is as result of minor energy imbalance leading to gradual and persistent weight gain for a considerable period. To evaluate obesity in adults, Body mass index and waist circumference are recommended but, have some disadvantages. Neck circumference devoid of these disadvantages and has good correlation with body mass index and waist(More)
Snoring is a common symptom of serious chronic disease known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Knowledge about the location of obstruction site (VVelum, OOropharyngeal lateral walls, T-Tongue, E-Epiglottis) in the upper airways is necessary for proper surgical treatment. In this paper we propose a dual source-filter model similar to the source-filter model(More)
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