Shivani S. Patel

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BACKGROUND Elderly patients are at increased risk for anesthesia-related complications. Postoperative residual neuromuscular block (PRNB) in the elderly, defined as a train-of-four ratio less than 0.9, may exacerbate preexisting muscle weakness and respiratory dysfunction. In this investigation, the incidence of PRNB and associated adverse events were(More)
BACKGROUND As the use of mobile devices surpasses that of personal computers, medical applications increasingly provide easy access to a diverse range of health care resources. PURPOSE To analyze changes in the number of dermatologic mobile applications since 2012. METHODS We examined five mobile platforms (Apple, Android, Windows, Nokia, and(More)
The ATR-dependent intra-S checkpoint protects DNA replication forks undergoing replication stress. The checkpoint is enforced by ATR-dependent phosphorylation of CHK1, which are mediated by the TIMELESS-TIPIN complex and CLASPIN. Although loss of checkpoint proteins is associated with spontaneous chromosomal instability, few studies have examined the(More)
BACKGROUND Disease burden should be an important component for guiding research funding. OBJECTIVE We sought to examine the relationship between dermatologic research funded from 2012 to 2013 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and US skin disease burden as measured by disability-adjusted life years in the Global Burden of Disease 2010 study. (More)
The Timeless-Tipin complex and Claspin are mediators of the ATR-dependent activation of Chk1 in the intra-S checkpoint response to stalled DNA replication forks. Tim-Tipin and Claspin also contribute to sister chromatid cohesion (SCC) in various organisms, likely through a replication-coupled process. Some models of the establishment of SCC posit that(More)
BACKGROUND The intensity of pain after cardiac surgery is often underestimated, and inadequate pain control may be associated with poorer quality of recovery. The aim of this investigation was to examine the effect of intraoperative methadone on postoperative analgesic requirements, pain scores, patient satisfaction, and clinical recovery. METHODS(More)
In preclinical studies of fructose-induced NAFLD, endotoxin appears to play an important role. We retrospectively examined samples from three pediatric cohorts (1) to investigate whether endotoxemia is associated with the presence of hepatic steatosis; (2) to evaluate postprandial endotoxin levels in response to fructose beverage in an acute 24-hour feeding(More)
Cutaneous infections caused by Mycobacterium marinum have been attributed to aquarium or fish exposure after a break in the skin barrier. In most instances, the upper limbs and fingers account for a majority of the infection sites. While previous cases of necrotizing soft tissue infections related to M. marinum have been documented, the importance of our(More)
BACKGROUND There is a reported global decrease in the number of clinical trials conducted in recent years. We aimed to determine if this declining trend can be extrapolated to dermatologic clinical trials. METHODS We conducted a query of for dermatologic clinical trials from 2009 to 2013 for 6 common skin conditions: acne, psoriasis,(More)
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