Shivani R Kandukuri

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Optical examination of microscale features in pathology slides is one of the gold standards to diagnose disease. However, the use of conventional light microscopes is partially limited owing to their relatively high cost, bulkiness of lens-based optics, small field of view (FOV), and requirements for lateral scanning and three-dimensional (3D) focus(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Recent progress in the understanding of the molecular events in ovarian cancer has prompted the need for a revised International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) staging system that may provide more accurate prognostic information and more specific guidance on personalized management of ovarian cancer than the older staging(More)
BACKGROUND The biological mechanism of circumcision as potentiating HIV prevention is poorly understood. Foreskin microbiota has been postulated as having a potential role; however, little is known about the relationship between bacterial pathogens and circumcision in adults. MATERIALS AND METHODS We sampled the coronal sulcus of a diverse group of(More)
CONTEXT - Advances in interventional technology have enhanced the ability to safely sample deep-seated suspicious lesions by fine-needle aspiration procedures. These procedures often yield scant amounts of diagnostic material, yet there is an increasing demand for the performance of more ancillary tests, especially immunohistochemistry and, not(More)
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