Shivani Batra

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OBJECTIVES Adult gastroenterologists practicing in New York State were surveyed to determine their practice with regard to identifying family histories consistent with inherited forms of colorectal cancer, and to assess their awareness of cancer genetic counseling and molecular genetic testing for familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and hereditary(More)
Data Mining is very popular in today's era because it provides access to the information that is hidden from a normal human being eye. The hidden information that is made available through data mining can benefit the person involved by providing an efficient decision support. Today data mining can be applied to various areas such as marketing, banking,(More)
Standardized Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) data have a complex structure. They are based on dual model approach where domain knowledge is saved as an archetype [1, 2]. It is technically very difficult to generate query language for medical expert to retrieve the data. It gives rise to issue of retrieval and usability of electronic healthcare records(More)
The current study considers an example of healthcare domain from a BIG DATA perspective to address the issues related to data quality. Healthcare domain frequently demands for timely semantic exchange of data residing at disparate sources. It aids in providing support for remote medical care and reliable decision making. However, an efficient semantic(More)
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