Shivani Agrawal

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The regulation of platelet volume significantly affects its function. Because water is the major molecule in cells and its active transport via water channels called aquaporins (AQPs) have been implicated in cellular and organelle volume regulation, the presence of water channels in platelets and their potential role in platelet volume regulation was(More)
This letter presents an analysis of the queuing performance of a multiple-antenna cognitive radio system employing downlink beamforming. The paradigm of multiantenna zero-forcing beamforming is employed to null the interference at the primary users. A closed-form expression is derived for the probability density of successful packet transmission time(More)
The proposed scheme aims to enhance the reliability of text based passwords for advanced users by adapting a combination of text and graphical passwords. In this way a more secure way will be provided to users for granting access to an authenticated system. The proposed idea could be highly beneficial for ATM machines where access method is via a dummy(More)
1 2 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would first like to thank my reader Professor Brock Blomberg for guiding me through this whole process. I would also like to thank Professor Henrik Cronqvist for his valuable insights. Another thanks goes to my friends at Claremont McKenna College who have made the last four years the best in my life. Finally, I would like to thank my(More)
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