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In telemedicine, the storage of image and forwarding of image requires high storage space and high bandwidth respectively. To save the storage space and to reduce the bandwidth for communication; the image is to be compressed. Recently the multi-resolution technique by wavelet transform has emerged as a cutting edge technology within the field of image(More)
Fingerprint analysis plays crucial role in crucial legal matters such as investigation of crime. But a fingerprint image consists of enormous amount of data. Therefore we have to reduce the amount of its data. To do this, we need some powerful image compression technique. There are many image compression techniques available, but still there is need to(More)
Classification of gender from fingerprints is one of the important steps in forensic anthropology. This forensic anthropology is used to identify the gender of a criminal in order to minimize the suspects list of search. A very few researcher have worked on gender classification using fingerprints and have gain the competitive results. In this work we are(More)
This Recent technologies for recognizing Fingerprints have proven as regards as reliable for security purposes. But, the efficient recognition is depending on the quality of fingerprint image and it is a complex computer problem while dealing with noisy and low quality images. The most common methods used to acquire the fingerprint images do not need(More)
—Skew detection and correction in a document image processing has become an imperative technology in the field of Digital Image Processing and pattern recognition which will take vital role in automation of office documentation. Skew is in exorable introduced into the scanned document during scanning, and it has direct effect on the reliability and(More)
Osteoarthritis is one of the popular causes of debility in elderly & overweight people. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that invades the cartilage of bigger joints like knee, hip, feet and spine. Cartilage helps the easy glide of bones & obstructs them from rubbing each other. In Osteoarthritis cartilage is ruptured due to which bones start kneading each(More)
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images are contaminated by multiplicative speckle noise, a chaotic phenomenon that results from coherent energy imaging; and that obscures the scene complex and strongly reduces the possibility to observe objects. Multiplicative speckle noise limits the classical coder/decoder algorithm in spatial domain. Various scalar(More)
Usage of biometrics in day today life is becoming inevitable. Fingerprints are one of the most notable biometric technologies and are considered legitimate evidence all over the world. Research carried out so for on gender identification techniques is from the face image with relatively more complex resulting in high accuracy. Fingerprint trait can also be(More)
Image processing techniques in medical imaging are used to analyze the symptoms of the patients with ease. Often images get noise during acquisition process. Traditionally, statistical methods are used to estimate the noises. Many researchers have successfully applied and proved the advantages of the Discrete Wavelet Transform for image denoising [1][2].(More)
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