Shivanand S Aspalli

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BACKGROUND Periodontitis and osteoporosis are two diseases found worldwide having the main characteristic of increasing intensity with age. Periodontitis is associated with resorption of the alveolar bone. Osteoporosis is characterized by bone loss leading to structural bone transformation. The association between periodontitis and osteoporosis is(More)
BACKGROUND Ayurvedic drugs have been used since ancient times to treat diseases including periodontal diseases. Oral rinses made from ayurvedic medicines are used in periodontal therapy to control bleeding and reduce inflammation. The aim of this clinical study is to verify the efficacy of herbal mouthwash containing Pilu, Bibhitaka, Nagavalli, Gandhapura(More)
Herpes zoster is an uncommon acute viral infection caused by reactivation of varicella zoster virus. During the prodromal stage, the only presenting symptom may be odontalgia, which may prove to be a diagnostic challenge for the dentist. Practicing dentist may carry out emergency treatment that might result in irreversible damage or may delay the(More)
Aesthetic considerations have influenced the management of dental maladies in varying degrees for many years. Even single tooth mal-alignment makes the patient to approach a dentist. Intentional replantation is a procedure in which an intentional tooth extraction is performed followed by reinsertion of the extracted tooth. Many authors agree that it should(More)
Periodontal procedures require injection of local anesthetic solution to avoid patient discomfort. Multiple injections are required to anesthetize the anterior maxilla in the region of the premolars to incisors. Anterior middle superior alveolar nerve block is a single palatal injection technique, which anesthetizes the facial and palatal gingiva as well as(More)
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