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In the present paper the proposed topology is to improve the power quality of high voltage dc (HVDC) link current which is used for series interconnected offshore wind turbines. The series connection of wind turbines is used with dc-dc converters to build HVDC link voltage. In the present work each wind turbine is furnished with a 5 MW permanent magnet(More)
The objective of this project is to identify and label spatial keywords in the given corpus. Instead of using any parser based method, our approach is based on word vector models. We use Google’s Word2Vec for creating word vectors. We train a backpropagation neural network to extract the relationship between three important spatial aspects, that is,(More)
Spatial Role Labelling is useful in NLP to perform tasks like direction interpretation, verbal spatial description and metric data integration etc. A lot of work has been done earlier in this field but most of those works use a grammar based parser to find relationships among different objects. So, it becomes difficult to extend them to other languages.(More)
The prime concern in any country is corruption in governance and lack of transparency particularly in and among government agencies or related offices and in decisions taken by them. The consequence of this is that the poor is getting poorer, and the rich is getting richer, thus, deepening the ever-increasing gap between the two The irony is that the(More)
This paper develops an interleaved resonant power converters for renewable energy systems such like photovoltaic (PV), energy storage system discharging and fuel cell. The renewable application requirements are high voltage gain, reduce input current ripple and overall converter size and high efficiency. The active power switches and energy blocking diode(More)
Circuit partitioning is the one of the fundamental problems in VLSI design. It appears in several stages in VLSI design, such as logic design and physical design. Circuit partitioning is generally formulated as the graph partitioning problem. Circuit partitioning problem is a well known NP hard problem. The potential of Genetic Algorithm has been used to(More)
This paper presents the smart utilization of solar and wind farm inverters as Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) in grid integrated renewable power system. In this, the grid side voltage source converter of photovoltaic (PV) and wind power generation system can function as SSSC in addition to its basic operation of inverter as per the requirement(More)
This paper presents the utilization of solar and wind farm inverters to manage the power flow and voltage control in an interconnected power system. In this, the inverters of photovoltaic (PV) solar power farm and wind power farm are configured in such a way that it acts like an interconnection between two adjacent power system networks/feeders. This is(More)
This paper develops comparative analysis of resonant power converters for renewable energy application. These circuit topology of resonant converter with zero-voltage switching (ZVS) with an energy-blocking diode with zero-current switching (ZCS). Only active power switches are used for power energy conversion to reduce the cost of active power switches and(More)
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