Shivam Saxena

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The goal of this study was to provide insight into the mechanism by which bariatric surgical procedures led to weight loss and improvement or resolution of diabetes. Global biochemical profiling was used to evaluate changes occurring in nondiabetic and type 2 diabetic (T2D) patients experiencing either less extreme sleeve gastrectomy or a full gastric(More)
The paper develops a fusion-based, reduced order, distributed implementation of the unscented particle filter (FR/DUPF) for state estimation in complex nonlinear electric power grids (EPG). Based on partitioning the overall EPG system into n<sub>sub</sub> localized but dynamically coupled subsystems, the near-optimal FR/DUPF provides a computational saving(More)
Recent developments in microgrids place strict constraints on the underlying state estimation technology, including the need for a dynamic and distributed approach. Since the problem is reminiscent of classical information fusion [2], the paper explores the application of a fusion-based reduced order, distributed unscented particle filter (FR/DUPF) for(More)
According to the epidemiological studies, about 4.4% of American general elderly population has a pronounced hypothyroidism and relies on thyroid hormone supplements daily. The prevalence of hypothyroidism in our patients with pancreatic cancer was much higher, 14.1%. A retrospective analysis was performed on patients who underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy(More)
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