Shivam Sahai

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We present our experience in architecting the database access for a tool that analyzes IT infrastructure and data center utilization. We study solutions built on top of TSDB [2] and SQL Server. We provide a configuration based multi threaded approach in SQL Server based on Spring Batch [1]. Our architecture includes spring batch partitioning, JDBC-R bridge(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of identifying periodically occurring patterns in a time series. The domain of data-center management is the primary focus. Data here comprises of request latencies, resource utilization of servers, data center workload etc. to name a few. Although periodicity detection has been researched, the past work does not(More)
This paper presents a simple, yet novel, approach to address the problem of spike detection. The definition of a spike varies with the domain under study. This results in domain-specific solutions that are often rendered unusable in other domains. Moreover, the spike detection algorithms proposed in the past are effective only when suitably tuned. This(More)
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