Shivam Agarwal

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Web-based audio information systems have the potential to bring the full promise of the Internet to the developing world. However, these systems run into a practical difficulty - insufficient support for playback and recording of web-based multimedia from feature phones. At the moment, feature phones constitute more than 90% of all phone shipments in(More)
This work describes a novel approach towards solving Multimode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling (MRCPS) Problems and an algorithm developed to implement this approach. The algorithm is intended to be used as an alternative to the various genetic algorithms currently being used to solve such problems. Using a deterministic approach that aims to select(More)
Data mining is a field of intersection of computer science and statistics used to discover patterns in the information bank. The main aim of the data mining process is to extract the useful information from the dossier of data and mold it into an understandable structure for future use. There are different process and techniques used to carry out data(More)
This paper involves fabrication of an android controlled system which can support movement of robot. The objective is to develop a platform that is a combination of hardware and software for human machine interaction. The design provides an approachable system for robot to communicate with android application via Bluetooth mounted on it. Two segments are(More)
AIM Placental redistribution has been shown to improve haematological outcomes in the immediate neonatal period and early infancy. This study compared the effects of delayed cord clamping (DCC) and umbilical cord milking (UCM) on haematological and growth parameters at 12 months of age. METHODS This was a follow-up study of a randomised control trial,(More)
Modern group communication based applications require multiple parameters to be considered for routing in a Cellular network. Traditional algorithms fail in the situations where these parameters frequently change due to the dynamism prevailing in the network. A new technique for topology discovery in these types of networks using ant colony optimization(More)
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