Shivali D. Kulkarni

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application of a bandwidth efficient algorithm (mapping algorithm) to an image transmission system. This system considers three different real valued transforms to generate energy compact coefficients. First results are presented for gray scale and color image transmission in the absence of noise. It is seen that the system performs its best when discrete(More)
An Artificial Neural Network model for suspended equilateral triangular Microstrip antenna on thicker air substrate over 700 to 6000 MHz frequency band is proposed. For the substrate thickness varying in the range of 0.02 to 0.1&#x03BB;<sub>0</sub>, the resonance frequencies calculated using proposed model agrees closely with the simulated and measured(More)
Various methods exist for classification of multispectral satellite images. Very few techniques have tried using ensemble of classifiers using artificial neural networks to increase the accuracy of classification. In this paper the performances of single classifiers using various neural networks classifier is compared with ensemble classifier. Individual(More)
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