Shivajirao L Gholap

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The dimeric diazofluorenes known as the lomaiviticins are produced by the marine bacterium Salinispora pacifica DPJ-0019. Investigation of the fermentation broth of DPJ-0019 has yielded the first monomeric benzo[b]fluorene isolated from this species, (-)-homoseongomycin (13). (-)-Homoseongomycin (13) is related to the known natural product seongomycin (10),(More)
Lomaiviticins A and B are complex antitumor antibiotics that were isolated from a strain of Micromonospora. A confluence of several unusual structural features renders the lomaiviticins exceedingly challenging targets for chemical synthesis. We report an 11-step, enantioselective synthetic route to lomaiviticin aglycon. Our route proceeds by late-stage,(More)
The development of enantioselective synthetic routes to (-)-kinamycin F (9) and (-)-lomaiviticin aglycon (6) are described. The diazotetrahydrobenzo[b]fluorene (diazofluorene) functional group of the targets was prepared by fluoride-mediated coupling of a β-trimethylsilylmethyl-α,β-unsaturated ketone (38) with an oxidized naphthoquinone (19),(More)
Stereoselective synthesis of styryllactone (+)-cardiobutanolide was accomplished in good overall yield from d-(-)-tartaric acid. Key features of the synthesis include the elaboration of a gamma-hydroxy butyramide obtained from the dimethylamide of tartaric acid, involving a combination of the addition of 1,3-dithian-2-yllithium and stereoselective reduction.
Starting from an easily available pyridinol derivative, a route to penta(2-thienyl)pyridine and related symmetrical compounds is reported. Key reactions are activation of the pyridine core and metal-catalyzed couplings proving the efficacy of these methods even in sterically highly encumbered systems. UV/vis and fluorescence spectra as well as first(More)
We describe a 12-step enantioselective synthetic route to the complex anticancer antimicrobial agent kinamycin F (3). Key to the success of the route was the development of a three-step sequence for construction of the diazonapthoquinone (diazofluorene, blue in structure 3) function of the natural product. This sequence comprises fluoride-mediated coupling(More)
Stereoselective total synthesis of biologically active styryllactones 7-epi-goniofufurone, goniofufurone, goniopypyrone, goniotriol, altholactone, and etharvensin was achieved in high overall yields from a common intermediate derived from d-(-)-tartaric acid. It is based on the utility of a masked tetrol, comprising an alkene tether and four contiguous(More)
We describe two four-step sequences for conversion of the inexpensive reagent ethyl sorbate to either O-allyl-N,N-dimethyl-D-pyrrolosamine or O-allyl-L-oleandrose, protected forms of the 2,6-dideoxy sugar residues found in the complex bacterial metabolite lomaiviticin A. We also report a gram-scale synthesis of the highly-oxygenated cyclohexenone ring of(More)
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