Shiva P. Sambu

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A process planning method is presented in this paper to aid stereolithography users in the selection of appropriate values of build process variables in order to achieve specific goals and characteristics that are desirable in the end prototype. To accomplish this, user-defined input in the form of goal preferences and feature tolerances are used to control(More)
Arsenic has been used for millenia. Although it has been known for many years that arsenic is soon fatal when ingested at high doses, the effects of low dosages became apparent in the 1980s. The full societal implications are only now becoming clear. It is now known to pose the highest calculated risk of any substance regulated by the US Environmental(More)
A new design-for-manufacturing method, called the geometric tailoring (GT), and the associated digital interface concept have been developed that enable the design activities to be separated from the manufacturing activities. Conditions for the successful application of this method are investigated. The GT method is demonstrated for rapid prototyping and(More)
The goal of fabricating functional prototypes quickly is hindered by a mismatch of material properties between production materials and those used in rapid prototyping (RP) machines, such as stereolithography. Even when rapid tooling (RT) technologies are utilized for injection molded parts, differences in mold materials cause differences in molded part(More)
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