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We are presenting two cases of Sirenomelia (Mermaid Syndrome), which is an extreme example of the caudal regression syndrome. It invariably presents with lower limb fusion, sacral and pelvic bony anomalies, absent external genitalia, imperforate anus, and renal agenesis or dysgenesis. There are approximately 300 cases reported in the literature, 15% of(More)
Siderophores scavenges Fe(+3) from the vicinity of the roots of plants, and thus limit the amount of iron required for the growth of pathogens such as Fusarium oxysporum, Pythium ultimum, and Fusarium udum, which cause wilt and root rot disease in crops. The ability of Pseudomonas to grow and to produce siderophore depends upon the iron content, pH, and(More)
This study was designed to determine whether the presence of an alignment deformity of the lower leg, known as genu varum, causes abnormalities in individual- or group-activation of the surrounding knee extensors, a situation which might accelerate knee deterioration. Nine healthy women with normal tibial alignment were compared with nine age-matched(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the electromyographic (EMG) activity of the quadriceps femoris (QF) muscles of women with osteoarthrosis (OA) of the knee with the EMG activity of the QF muscles of healthy women. To this end, a total of 14 subjects attended a single test session during which full-wave rectified surface electromyograms were recorded(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the apical sealing ability and adaptation of three resin-based sealers to the dentine. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 66 recently extracted human maxillary anterior teeth were subjected for the study. The teeth were prepared and obturated with gutta-percha by a lateral condensation using AH Plus, Endorez and Epiphany sealers.(More)
This study was designed to determine whether abnormalities in individual or group activation of the knee extensors might be associated with the development of osteoarthrosis of the knee with varus deformity. The study consisted of nine healthy women with normal tibial alignment, nine agematched healthy women with genu varum and nine women with(More)
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