Shiva Kumar Srinivasan

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The mechanism of formation of neuronal spike trains on the basis of selective interaction between two processes called excitatory and inhibitory processes, is studied. The techniques of stationary point processes are used to study the delay and deletion models proposed by Ten Hoopen and Reuver. These models are further generalised by associating a random(More)
AIMS To produce and characterize bioactive metabolites from piezotolerant marine fungus Nigrospora sp. in submerged fermentation. METHODS AND RESULTS A distinct marine strain, Nigrospora sp. NIOT has been isolated from a depth of 800 m at the Arabian Sea. The 18S rRNA and internal transcribed spacers (ITS) analysis demonstrates its close association with(More)
An attempt i s made here to get an insight into the idea embedd ed in Sharpe’s single index model and to construct an optimal portfolio empirically using this model. Taking BSE SENSEX as market performance index and considering daily indices along with the daily prices of sampled securities for the period of April 2001 to March 2011, the proposed method(More)
In investigating the response of systems to random input events, “dead times” in registering these events are met with, as in the case of neuronal behaviour. These situations are studied in terms of product densities making use of the renewal nature of the problem. Different types of cumulative responses of systems are investigated. Some interesting(More)
A stochastic model is proposed for a neuron which has an inhibitory stream interacting pre-synaptically with an excitatory stream. Uninhibited excitatories have a post-synaptic effect of increasing the membrane potential by random amounts, with the potential decaying linearly to zero in the absence of inputs. When the potential reaches a threshold level,(More)
PURPOSE MathSpeak is a set of rules for non speaking of mathematical expressions. These rules have been incorporated into a computerised module that translates printed mathematics into the non-ambiguous MathSpeak form for synthetic speech rendering. Differences between individual utterances produced with the translator module are difficult to discern(More)
Generation adequacy calculations and assessments have been used at PJM since the early 1970s. The models and calculations are derived from statistical values, based on years of historic performance data. The applications implement probability theory to predict future PJM generation reserve requirements. Recently, the legacy systems based on Fortran and(More)