Shiva Chetan

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Location awareness significantly enhances the functionality of ubiquitous computing services and applications, and enriches the way they interact with users and resources in the environment. Many different alternative or complementary location sensing technologies are available. However, these technologies give location information in different formats and(More)
In previous work [1], we introduced a distributed middleware infrastructure for managing physically-bounded, standalone pervasive computing environments, which we refer to as Active Spaces. In this paper, we extend this middleware to support the organization, management and interactions of large-scale pervasive computing systems built from multiple Active(More)
Ubiquitous Computing envisions an environment where physical and digital devices are seamlessly integrated. Users can access their applications and data anywhere in the environment. Applications are not bound to any single device and can migrate with the user to different environments. Therefore, application mobility is an important aspect of ubiquitous(More)
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