Shiva Akhavantabasi

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USP32, on chromosomal band 17q23.1-17q23.2, is a highly conserved but uncharacterized gene that gave rise during evolution to a well-known hominoid-specific proto-oncogene, USP6. We investigated the expression profile of USP32 in human tissues and examined its functions to gain insight into this novel member of the well-conserved ubiquitination system. We(More)
Mounting evidence suggests involvement of deregulated microRNA (miRNA) expression during the complex events of tumorigenesis. Among such deregulated miRNAs in cancer, miR-125b expression is reported to be consistently low in breast cancers. In this study, we screened a panel of breast cancer cell lines (BCCLs) for miR-125b expression and detected decreased(More)
MicroRNA (miRNA) deregulation is associated with various cancers. Among an expanding list of cancer-related miRNAs, deregulation of miR-125b has been well documented in many cancers including breast. Based on current knowledge, miR-125b is considered to be a tumor suppressor in breast cancers. While important messenger RNA (mRNA) targets have been defined(More)
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