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Nature inspired algorithms are among the most potent and robust algorithms for optimization for solving the real life problems. This paper introduces the Bat algorithm for the optimization based design of the PID controllers. The optimized PID controller has been implemented for liquid level control system which finds a wide application in petrochemical,(More)
Nature inspired algorithms are the most popular and robust algorithms for the optimization of the real world problems like pitch control of an aircraft system. This paper introduces Bat algorithm and Differential Evolution technique for the multi-objective optimization based designing of the fractional order PID (FOPID) and integer order PID controllers.(More)
Nature inspired algorithms are nowadays aiding in solving several complex multi-objective engineering problems. In this paper, robust pitch control of a flight control system has been designed using fractional order controllers. In order to obtain the optimal values of the controller gains & orders such that the system offers robust response, the mixed(More)
The power system is a dynamic system and it is constantly being subjected to disturbances. It is important that these disturbances do not drive the system to unstable conditions. Due to certain disturbances, electromechanical oscillations of small frequency set up. The kind of stability involved due to oscillations falls under small signal stability. The(More)
This paper qualitatively, compares MRAC and Modified MRAC scheme when the adaptation laws are designed using different approaches. The controller parameter adaptation laws are designed based on the MIT rule and Lyapunov theory. The effect of augmenting the system with PID has also been studied. The augmented system provided better responses.
A two degrees of freedom controller is designed for multiple inputs multiple outputs system with multiple time delays. An H&#x221E; norm of closed loop optimized decoupled smith control method is used to design feedback controller for disturbance rejection. The reference tracking controller is determined using H<inf>2</inf> norm of model matching optimal(More)
Optimal tuning plays an important role in maintaining the product quality and process safety. In this paper robust speed control of an isolated steam turbine has been consummated by fractional order PID (FOPID) controller using multi-objective flower pollination algorithm (MOFPA). Steam turbine finds applications in refineries, where a hydraulic governor is(More)
Buck converters are proficient second order step down DC-DC converters and are center to various applications that rely on constant load voltage under fluctuating input voltage. DC-DC converters operate either under voltage control mode or current control mode. These converters exhibit non-linear behavior due to switching, hence controller design comes with(More)
This paper describes the model matching controller design using Internal Model Control (IMC) controller and the approach of multiobjective optimization based Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to optimize the value of tuning parameter lambda (&#x03BB;) of an IMC controller to have more improved robustness and performance for a First Order Plus Time Delay(More)