Shiv Bahadur

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INTRODUCTION Nasal drug delivery that exploits the olfactory and trigeminal neuronal pathways to deliver drugs to the brain is being widely explored by pharmaceutical companies, for the delivery of challenging drugs. Low-molecular-weight and lipophilic drugs are effectively absorbed by the intranasal route for efficacious brain targeting; however,(More)
The study was undertaken to develop buffered nanoemulsion of ziprasidone hydrochloride (fifth generation antipshychotic) and evaluate its potential for efficacious nose to brain delivery drug delivery in animal models. Homogeneous buffered ziprasidone nanoemulsions (BZNE) were prepared by aqueous (phosphate buffer, pH 8.0) titration method using capmul MCM,(More)
NSAIDs are the most frequently used drugs for treatment, in Europe and the United States, accounting for approximately 5% of all prescriptions. Moreover, the use of NSAIDs is increasing because these constitute the first-line drug therapy for a wide range of rheumatic conditions. This increase is in part the result of the increasing population of elderly(More)
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