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(RS)-Propranolol: enantioseparation by HPLC using newly synthesized (S)-levofloxacin-based reagent, absolute configuration of diastereomers and recovery of native enantiomers by detagging.
Diastereomers of (RS)-propranolol were synthesized using (S)-levofloxacin-based new chiral derivatizing reagents (CDRs). Levofloxacin was chosen as the pure (S)-enantiomer for its high molarExpand
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Liquid chromatographic enantioseparation of three beta-adrenolytics using new derivatizing reagents synthesized from (S)-ketoprofen and confirmation of configuration of diastereomers.
Diastereomers of racemic β-adrenolytic drugs [namely (RS)-propranolol, (RS)-metoprolol and (RS)-atenolol] were synthesized under microwave irradiation with (S)-ketoprofen based chiral derivatizationExpand
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In Situ Derivatization of (RS)-Mexiletine and Enantioseparation Using Micellar Liquid Chromatography: A Green Approach
Developing surfactant-based aqueous solvents as alternatives to organic solvents for chromatographic enantioseparation is highly desired. Surfactants are inexpensive, nontoxic, environmentalExpand
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RP-HPLC enantioseparation of β-adrenolytics using micellar mobile phase without organic solvents.
Enantioseparation of a few commonly administered racemic β-adrenolytics (namely, carvedilol, betaxolol, salbutamol and bisoprolol) has been achieved using a water micellar mobile phase containingExpand
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Micellar liquid chromatography for enantioseparation of β-adrenolytics using (S)-ketoprofen-based reagents
ABSTRACT Micellar liquid chromatographic method has been developed for enantioseparation of four β-adrenolytics, namely, (RS)-salbutamol, (RS)-carvedilol, (RS)-bisoprolol, and (RS)-betaxolol. BothExpand
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An efficient method for the determination of enantiomeric purity of racemic amino acids using micellar chromatography, a green approach.
A simple, sensitive and green micellar liquid chromatographic method (RP-HPLC) was developed for enantioseparation of four racemic amino acids, namely, (RS)-selenomethionine, (RS)-methionine,Expand
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A sensitive micellar liquid chromatographic method for the rectification of enantiomers of esmolol, and determination of absolute configuration and elution order
A green chromatographic method is proposed for the enantioseparation of Esmolol (Amino alcohol) in which aqueous solution of the mixed surfactants is used as the alternative of organic solvents. In...
Micellar Liquid Chromatographic Green-Enantioseparation of Racemic Amino Alcohols and Determination of Elution Order.
A micellar liquid chromatographic method is proposed for the green enantioseparation of racemic amino alcohols in which aqueous solution of the mixed surfactants is used as the alternative of organicExpand