Shiun-Cheng Su

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An N-acyl-d-amino acid amidohydrolase (N-D-AAase) was identified in cell extracts of a strain, Iso1, isolated from an environment containing N-acetyl-d-methionine. The bacterium was classified as Variovorax paradoxus by phylogenetic analysis. The gene was cloned and sequenced. The gene consisted of a 1467-bp ORF encoding a polypeptide of 488 amino acids.(More)
A unique human cDNA (hG1.16) that encodes a mRNA of 450 nucleotides was isolated from a subtractive library derived from HeLa cells. The relative expression level of hG1.16 during different cell-cycle phases was determined by Northern-blot analysis of cells synchronized by double-thymidine block and serum deprivation/refeeding. hG1.16 was constitutively(More)
The construction of a complex genomic library is one of the comprehensive ways to study a complex bacterial community and to access the variety of metabolic pathways present in the rich soil environment. In this report, we developed a new protocol whereby we are able to retrieve nearly complete microbe genomic fragments from soil samples, which are employed(More)
As more and more new genome sequences were reported nowadays, analyzing the functions of a new genome sequence becomes more and more desirable and compelling. However, the determination of the functions of a genomic sequence is not an easy task. Even with several bioinformatic tools, the task is still a labor-intensive one. This is because human experts(More)
Graduate Institute of Ag ricu It u ra I C he m i s t ry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan 106, Republic of China The structural gene prtVp encoding the extracellular protease of Vibrio parahaemolyticus strain 93 was cloned in Escherichia coli and sequenced. The cloned DNA fragment contained a 1761 bp ORF encoding a 587 amino acid protein. The(More)
The efficiency of subtraction, integrity of residual single-stranded cDNA, and efficient recovery of nanogram quantities of double-stranded cDNA are the three most important factors affecting quality of subtractive hybridization reactions prior to subtractive cDNA library construction. Techniques for efficient isolation of single-stranded cDNA, after(More)
Many G1-phase-specific mRNAs have been identified from various normal or transformed cells based on serum induction and re-entry into the cell cycle from quiescence. However, these mRNAs may not represent some important genes expressed during G1 phase in continuously cycling cells. The eukaryotic cell cycle possesses two cdk (cyclin-dependent kinase)(More)
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