Shiuan-Tai Chen

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The main purpose of this paper is to explore the resistive line loss reduction by upgrading the primary feeder from radial to normally closed-loop arrangement. First, the resistive line loss formulations that were function of incremental current and correlatively parameters were derived, and the loss reduction by primary feeder upgrading from radial to(More)
A new sensitivity factor which is called Z<sub>BUS</sub> distribution factor (ZBDF) to calculate active and reactive three-phase line flows for distribution automation is proposed in this paper. This method is associated with both the changes of individual phase-active and reactive power injection at each bus into the three-phase real and reactive power(More)
This paper proposes an effective approach for planning a load transfer substation pair(LTSP) between two normally closed-loop feeders considering minimization of system power losses. Firstly, the annual equivalent load of each load point is calculated. Then, a genetic algorithm-based (GA-Based) approach has been proposed to solve this optimization problem.(More)
This paper deals with the shunt compensation design of long 380kV-50Hz XLPE cables by simulating a double-circuit partially cabled connection with the transmission length of 80 km in the Dutch transmission system. The proposed procedure for shunt compensation sizing is fully elaborated in this paper. Four sizing criteria are used to find the minimum(More)
This paper aims to develop a sequential three-phase power flow program with three-phase ZBus distribution factor(TZBD) for power flow calculation. First, using monthly energy consumption of customers in a customer information system (CIS) and typical daily load pattern of customer classes, the quarter hourly loading profiles of distribution transformers(More)
The calculations of the short-circuit capacities (SCC's) along a primary feeder is essential for determining the ratings of protective devices of the distribution systems, especially in the planning stage. According to the calculation results, the interruption capacities (ICs) that shall be able to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses resulting(More)
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