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This article presents a new and direct approach for fitting a subdivision surface from an irregular and dense triangle mesh of arbitrary topological type. All feature edges and feature vertices of the original mesh model are first identified. A topology-and feature-preserving mesh simplification algorithm is developed to further simplify the dense triangle(More)
Real-time fuzzy reactive control is investigated for automatic navigation of an intelligent mobile robot in an unknown and changing environment. The reactive rulebase governing the robot behavior is synthesized corresponding to the various situations defined by the instant robot motion, environment and target information. Navigation control of the robot is(More)
—In this paper, wavelet transforms and fuzzy techniques are used to monitor tool breakage and wear conditions in real time according to the measured spindle and feed motor currents, respectively. First, the continuous and discrete wavelet transforms are used to decompose the spindle and feed ac servo motor current signals to extract signal features so as to(More)
By using the concept of gauge function, a pseudodistance function is defined for quantifying the clearance or the penetration depth of two convex point sets, depending on whether they separate or intersect. The linear programming formulations (for convex polyhedra) and the nonlinear constrained optimization formulations (for general convex objects) are(More)