Shiu-Ju Yang

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BACKGROUND The transmission routes of PARV4 are not completely understood. The first PARV4 serological study suggested that PARV4 is transmitted predominantly through parenteral route. OBJECTIVES To set up an immunoblot system for studying the epidemiology of PARV4 infection in HIV-1 infected patients in Taiwan. STUDY DESIGN Recombinant fusion proteins(More)
Despites the fact that T cells are involved in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis (OA) little is known about the roles of CD8+ T cells in this disease. We investigated the effects of CD8+ T cells and the expression of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 1 (TIMP-1) on joint pathology. Using anterior cruciate ligament-transection (ACLT), OA was induced in(More)
It is generally thought that parvovirus B19 is stable genetically. Consistently, genetic drift has not been found in patients with persistent B19 infection. In this report, longitudinal genetic changes in NS1 and VP1 gene of B19 isolates from three AIDS patients with persistent B19 infection were studied. One of the three patients was not treated with(More)
Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is involved in innate and adaptive immune responses to defend against pathogens. It also participates in the process of influenza infection by affecting viral clearance and immune cell responses. However, whether IL-6 impacts lung repair in influenza pathogenesis remains unclear. Here, we studied the role of IL-6 in acute influenza(More)
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