Shiting Wen

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For a number of services with similar functionality reputation has been regarded as one of the most important methods to identify good ones from bad ones. However, a composite service, which is composed of multiple component services, obtains only one score (or feedback) after every invocation. In order to compute the reputation of each component service,(More)
Most of the existing domain adaptation learning (DAL) methods relies on a single source domain to learn a classifier with well-generalized performance for the target domain of interest, which may lead to the so-called negative transfer problem. To this end, many multi-source adaptation methods have been proposed. While the advantages of using multi-source(More)
Traditional service selection schemes require users to define a utility function by assigning weights to each quality-of-service (QoS) metric. To relieve users from the professional knowledge, skyline techniques have been studied recently by several researchers. However, the size of skyline services is sometimes not easy controlled due to intrinsic(More)