Shital S Naphade

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The natural stilbenoids combretastatin A-4 (CA4) and combretastatin A-1 (CA1) are potent antitubulin agents demonstrating antimitotic activity as well as tumor vascular disruption property. Due to structural simplicity and potent cytotoxicity of CA4 and CA1, they are considered as promising leads for the development of potent anticancer agents. In fact,(More)
In the past decades, tricyclic acridone ring system has become one of the major research interests of the medicinal chemists due to the biological significance of this moiety in drug design and drug discovery. Acridone scaffold has substantial bio-potential since it possess crucial activities such as antibacterial, antimalarial, antiviral and(More)
Synthesis of novel set of forty semicarbazide/thiosemicarbazide hybrids inspired from marine bromopyrrole alkaloids is reported. Biological screening of these hybrids against a panel of five human cancer cell lines identified a number of hits endowed with interesting cytotoxicity profile. Compounds 5c and 5e (IC50  = 0.03 μm), 5t (IC50  = 0.03 μm), 4s (IC50(More)
In search of novel cytotoxic agents based on acridone scaffold, twenty five derivatives of acridone-2- carboxamide were synthesized and evaluated against a panel of eleven cancer cell lines by using MTT assay. Amides, A5 and A8 (IC50 = 0.3 µM) exhibited good cytotoxicity against MCF7. Compound A22 (IC50 = 4.3 µM) was found to be selectively cytotoxic(More)
In this paper, we have reported seventeen novel synthetic organic compounds derived from marine bromopyrrole alkaloids, exhibiting potential inhibition of biofilm produced by Gram-positive bacteria. Compound 5f with minimumbiofilm inhibitory concentration(MBIC) of 0.39, 0.78 and 3.125 μg/mL against MSSA, MRSA and SE respectively, emerged as promising(More)
Azetidin-2-one, a β -lactam four-membered heterocyclic ring is widely identified for its diverse medicinal properties. Ezetimibe a cholesterol absorption inhibitor and Aztreonam a potent cephalosporinase inhibitor proved the medicinal value of azetidin-2-ones. On the other hand marine bromopyrrole alkaloids are well known for their diverse biological(More)
We report the synthesis and screening of forty novel 4-nitropyrrole-semicarbazide conjugates inspired from the reported bio-potential of bromopyrrole alkaloids and semicarbazide derivatives for antimicrobial activity. Herein, hybrids 5k-5o, 5r, 5s and 5t displayed four-fold increased activity (MIC=0.39 μg/mL) against Escherichia coli compared to standard(More)
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