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The concept of semicompatibility has been introduced in fuzzy metric space and it has been applied to prove results on existence of unique common fixed point of four self-maps satisfying an implicit relation. Recently, Popa (2002) has employed a similar but not the same implicit relation to obtain a fixed point theorem for d-complete topological spaces. All(More)
The object of this paper is to establish unique common fixed point theorems for four self maps satisfying a new contractive condition in a modified intuitionistic fuzzy metric space through compatibility of type (P). A generalization of a result of D Turkoglu et al [J. Apply. Math. Computing (2006)] in the setting of a modified intuitionistic fuzzy metric(More)
The aim of this paper is to investigate the solutions of Time-space fractional advection-dispersion equation with Hilfer composite fractional derivative and the space fractional Laplacian operator. The solution of the equation is obtained by applying the Laplace and Fourier transforms, in terms of Mittag-leffler function.
Rhoades (1996) proved a fixed point theorem in a bounded D-metric space for a con-tractive self-map with applications. Here we establish a more general fixed point theorem in an unbounded D-metric space, for two self-maps satisfying a general contractive condition with a restricted domain of x and y. This has been done by using the notion of semicompatible(More)
The object of this paper is to establish a theorem for a unique common fixed point of four self mappings, weakly compatibile in pairs and satisfying a generalized contractive condition in a cone metric space. Our result generalizes and synthesizes the results of Abbas– Jungck [1], Arshad et al. [2], Huang–Zhang [3] and Vetro [8].
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