Shisheng Zhou

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Flow experience is often considered as an important standard of ideal user experience (UX). Till now, flow is mainly measured via self-report questionnaires, which cannot evaluate flow immediately and objectively. In this paper, we constructed a physiological evaluation model to evaluate flow in virtual reality (VR) game. The evaluation model consists of(More)
A technique for pyrography characteristic Simulation based on digital image is proposed. Firstly, a fast color characteristics transfer method based on local vector matching is used according to the similar feature of local region of image. Then, the color space is converted from RGB to Ruderman et al.'s perception-based color space lαβ, according to a(More)
Because the accuracy of gamut boundary description is significant for gamut mapping process, a gamut boundary calculating method for LCD monitors is proposed in this paper. Within most of the previous gamut boundary calculation algorithms, the gamut boundary is calculated in CIELAB space directly, and part of inside-gamut points are mistaken for the(More)
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