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Flow experience is often considered as an important standard of ideal user experience (UX). Till now, flow is mainly measured via self-report questionnaires, which cannot evaluate flow immediately and objectively. In this paper, we constructed a physiological evaluation model to evaluate flow in virtual reality (VR) game. The evaluation model consists of(More)
A method based on 3D interpolation technique is proposed to dispose ICC color data. By analyzing the structure of the ICC profile, the tag data A2B and B2A are firstly read, and then the color conversion between L<sup>*</sup>a<sup>*</sup>b<sup>*</sup> and CMYK are computed using the trilinear interpolation technique. In the experiment, the U.S web coated(More)
To detect the phosphorylation of potassium channel protein (Kv1.2 and Kv1.5) in rat cardiac muscle cells accurately, we applied the combined method of immunoprecipitation and Western blot in this study. Compared with using Western blot alone, the combination of immunoprecipitation and Western blot displayed high sensitivity to detect the activation of(More)
Because of the viscoelasticity of the cushion material and the complexity of the products, there are usually multiple vibration modals in the packaging system. The free acceleration response of the packaging system can be expressed as the linear combination of exponentials. To identify the zeros and residues accurately, a novel approach which incoporates(More)
Because the accuracy of gamut boundary description is significant for gamut mapping process, a gamut boundary calculating method for LCD monitors is proposed in this paper. Within most of the previous gamut boundary calculation algorithms, the gamut boundary is calculated in CIELAB space directly, and part of inside-gamut points are mistaken for the(More)
With the rapid development of economy as well as the rise of packaging industry in China, the polymer packaging products also increases gradually. However, most of these products are one-off products, which mean after being used for once, they are always thrown away. The waste will not only cause serious ldquowhite pollutionrdquo problem, but also leads to(More)
The aim of the investigation was to determine the influence of rendering intents on the gamut volume and the visual evaluations in digital proofing. According to that, the corresponding test form was used for the needs of investigation and printed on Epson style pro 7800 with the application of ICC standard rendering intents (perceptual, saturation,(More)
On the basis of Lambert-Beer law and the theory of light ray propagation, the color-matching-model in gravure related to the substrate and three primary printing ink-cyan, magenta and yellow was established in this paper. The results shown that by using color difference formula CIEDE2000, the difference between calculated color value and target color value(More)
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