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We found that protein trafficking between apical and basal cell can be unidirectional, which reveals the different roles of the two cells in the cell-to-cell communication between them during early embryogenesis. In most angiosperm species, asymmetric zygote division results in an apical cell and a basal cell that have distinct cell fates. Much has been(More)
  • Ichitaro Yamazaki, Xiaoye, S Li, François-Henry Rouet, Bora Uçar
  • 2012
PDSLin is a general-purpose algebraic parallel hybrid (direct/iterative) linear solver based on the Schur complement method. The most challenging step of the solver is the computation of a preconditioner based on an approximate global Schur complement. We investigate two combinatorial problems to enhance PDSLin's performance at this step. The first is a(More)
BACKGROUND In animals, early embryonic development is largely dependent on maternal transcripts synthesized during gametogenesis. However, in higher plants, the extent of maternal control over zygote development and early embryogenesis is not fully understood yet. Nothing is known about the activity of the parental genomes during seed formation of(More)