Shisheng Li

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We consider the problem of common due window location scheduling on a single machine, where the processing times of jobs depend both on their starting times and positions in a sequence. The problem is to determine the optimal earliest due date, the due window size, and the job schedule simultaneously to minimize costs for earliness, tardiness, earliest due(More)
In the papers by Kellerer et al. (1995) and Zhang (1997) the authors investigate a semi on-line version of a classical parallel machine scheduling problem. In the semi on-line version, there is a buffer of length k which is available to maintain k jobs. The jobs arrive one by one and can be temporarily assigned to the buffer if the buffer is not full. The(More)
Dynamic typing is a barrier for JavaScript applications to achieve high performance. Compared with statically typed languages, the major overhead of dynamic typing comes from runtime type resolution and runtime property lookup. Common folks' belief is that the traditional static compilation techniques are no longer effective for dynamic languages. The best(More)