Shirzad Kalhori

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The H3+ molecular ion plays a fundamental role in interstellar chemistry, as it initiates a network of chemical reactions that produce many molecules. In dense interstellar clouds, the H3+ abundance is understood using a simple chemical model, from which observations of H3+ yield valuable estimates of cloud path length, density and temperature. But(More)
The electromagnetic aspect of microwave dielectric heating is analyzed. It is concluded that a re-entrant cavity may supply high electric field component that is theoretically favorable efficient microwave absorption process in a small liquid or solid chemical sample. A re-entrant cavity has been designed using both finite difference time domain and finite(More)
Product branching ratios and thermal rate coefficients for the dissociative recombination of C3D(+)7 and C4D(+)9 have been measured in the ion storage ring CRYRING. The results for C3D(+)7 are believed to be slightly more accurate than those obtained earlier for C3H(+)7. Only the C-C bond breaking channels could be measured for C4D(+)9 and were found to be(More)
We report the first observation of four-body breakup in electron dissociative recombination of a molecular ion: C2D+5. In an ion storage ring experiment, the branching ratio for the process C2D+5 + e(-)-->C2D2 + D + D + D was determined to be 13%. This means that three covalent chemical bonds are broken as a result of the action of a single electron. This(More)
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