Shiru Qu

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Object tracking based on sparse representation has given promising tracking results in recent years. However, the trackers under the framework of sparse representation always overemphasize the sparse representation and ignore the correlation of visual information. In addition, the sparse coding methods only encode the local region independently and ignore(More)
Traffic flow is widely recognized as an important parameter for road traffic state forecasting. Fuzzy state transform and Kalman filter (KF) have been applied in this field separately. But the studies show that the former method has good performance on the trend forecasting of traffic state variation but always involves several numerical errors. The latter(More)
In evolutionary multi-objective optimization, balancing convergence and diversity remains a challenge and especially for many-objective (three or more objectives) optimization problems (MaOPs). To improve convergence and diversity for MaOPs, we propose a new approach: clustering-ranking evolutionary algorithm (crEA), where the two procedures (clustering and(More)
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