Shirshendu Chatterjee

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If we consider the contact process with infection rate λ on a random graph on n vertices with power law degree distributions, mean field calculations suggest that the critical value λ c of the infection rate is positive if the power α > 3. Physicists seem to regard this as an established fact, since the result has recently been generalized to bipartite(More)
We introduce a new kind of percolation on finite graphs called jigsaw percolation. This model attempts to capture networks of people who innovate by merging ideas and who solve problems by piecing together solutions. Each person in a social network has a unique piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Acquainted people with compatible puzzle pieces merge their puzzle(More)
We consider the discrete time threshold-θ contact process on a random r-regular graph. We show that if θ ≥ 2, r ≥ θ + 2, 1 is small and p ≥ p 1 (1), then starting from all vertices occupied the fraction of occupied vertices is ≥ 1 − 2 1 up to time exp(γ 1 (r)n) with high probability. We also show that for p 2 < 1 there is an 2 (p 2) > 0 so that if p ≤ p 2(More)
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