Shirou Fujita

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We developed a monoclonal antibody (MoAb) (clone 5E8) against an antigen on the bile canalicular membrane of rat hepatocyte. By immunoblotting, MoAb 5E8 detected a band of 110 kD. In this study, we used the phage display technique to identify the target antigen recognized by MoAb 5E8. We screened a random phage display library expressing 12-mer peptide(More)
1. Inhibitors of cysteine proteinase were found in tadpole tail of metamorphosing bullfrog. 2. One of the inhibitors was purified by affinity chromatography with CM-papain agarose, gel filtration with Superose 12 and ion exchange chromatography with Mono S. 3. The molecular weight of the inhibitor was 130,000-140,000 and the isoelectric point was pH 9.6. 4.(More)
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