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miRNAs are a class of regulatory molecules involved in a wide range of cellular functions, including growth, development and apoptosis. Given their widespread roles in biological processes, understanding their patterns of expression in normal and diseased states will provide insights into the consequences of aberrant expression. As such, global miRNA(More)
The past two decades of microRNA (miRNA) research has solidified the role of these small non-coding RNAs as key regulators of many biological processes and promising biomarkers for disease. The concurrent development in high-throughput profiling technology has further advanced our understanding of the impact of their dysregulation on a global scale.(More)
Short tandem repeat (STR) analysis, such as the AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Plus kit, is a standard, PCR-based human genotyping method used in the field of forensics. Misidentification of cell line and tissue DNA can be costly if not detected early; therefore it is necessary to have quality control measures such as STR profiling in place. A major issue in(More)
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