Shirley Takahashi

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Although the popularization of the combined use of alcoholic beverages and energy drinks (ED) containing caffeine, taurine and other substances has increased, there are no controlled experimental studies on the effects of ED alone or combined with ethanol. This work aimed at evaluating the effects of different doses of ED combined or not with ethanol, on(More)
It has been shown that exercise is helpful against brain disorders. However, this may not be true for intense exercise (IE). Because it is easy to misadjust exercise intensity with physical condition, it is essential to know the effects of IE on cognitive process because it may have important consequences on people skills and work skills. We investigated(More)
Early life stress is associated with dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, and with aspects involved in drug abuse. In this study, we investigated the effects of brief (BMS) and long maternal separation (LMS) on the HPA axis response and behavioural sensitization to ethanol (EtOH) in male and female mice. From PND 2 to 14, pups were(More)
BACKGROUND The cholinergic system is important in learning processes and probably influences behavioral sensitization to drugs. This study examined the effects of scopolamine (scop), a muscarinic antagonist, on the behavioral sensitization to ethanol (EtOH) stimulant effect in mice. METHODS In experiments 1 and 2, male Swiss albino mice received saline or(More)
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