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The molecular mechanism underpinning regulation of eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF4E by 4E-BP1 has remained unclear. We use isothermal calorimetry, circular dichroism, NMR, and computational modeling to analyze how the structure of the eIF4E-binding domain of 4E-BP1 determines its affinity for the dorsal face of eIF4E and thus the ability of(More)
Cryptochromes are conserved flavoprotein receptors found throughout the biological kingdom with diversified roles in plant development and entrainment of the circadian clock in animals. Light perception is proposed to occur through flavin radical formation that correlates with biological activity in vivo in both plants and Drosophila. By contrast, mammalian(More)
Menthol isomers are high-value monoterpenoid commodity chemicals, produced naturally by mint plants, Mentha spp. Alternative clean biosynthetic routes to these compounds are commercially attractive. Optimization strategies for biocatalytic terpenoid production are mainly focused on metabolic engineering of the biosynthesis pathway within an expression host.(More)
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