Shirley S. Y. Ching

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BACKGROUND Although nursing students are at greater risk for needlestick injuries (NSIs) and sharps injuries (SIs) than staff nurses, there is a lack of research on NSIs and SIs in students, especially in different years of study. The purpose of this study was to identify the risk factors for and prevalence of NSIs and SIs among nursing students in(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing number of cancer patients and inadequate communication in clinics are posing challenges to cancer patients receiving outpatient-based chemotherapy and healthcare providers. A nurse-led care program was proposed as one way of dealing with at least some of these challenges. OBJECTIVE The objectives of the pilot study were to assess(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the review was to summarize the longitudinal changes in bowel dysfunction among patients with rectal cancer within the first five years following sphincter-preserving resection. METHODS A series of literature searches were conducted on six English-language electronic databases. Articles published after 1990 were searched. A total of 29(More)
AIMS To examine the influence of interdisciplinary seminars on undergraduate nursing and social work students' perceptions of their learning. BACKGROUND Collaboration is considered to be important for health professionals in working towards good patient care, and interdisciplinary education is seen as one way of addressing this need for greater(More)
AIMS To investigate the perceived importance and actual level of job satisfaction among enrolled nurses (ENs), registered nurses (RNs), specialty nurses (SNs) and nurse managers (NMs) in Hong Kong. BACKGROUND In the past, few studies have been conducted to investigate job satisfaction among different groups of nursing personnel. METHODS This was a(More)
BACKGROUND Research has shown that nursing personnel are exposed to the serious risk of contracting bloodborne diseases from needlestick and sharps injuries (NSIs). Only a few studies have examined the problem among nursing students. In Hong Kong, there is an equal lack of research in this area. METHODS A review of accident reports in one university was(More)
Little is known about how nursing assistants (NAs) perceive the nature of their work and how their work contributes to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). This qualitative study addressed these gaps. Twenty-four NAs with WMSDs working in four nursing homes participated in semistructured focus group interviews. Their WMSDs were not limited to the(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare providers are facing the challenge of helping cancer patients cope with the impact of outpatient-based chemotherapy. A nurse-led care program was proposed to address this challenge. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the effects of a nurse-led care program for patients receiving outpatient-based chemotherapy. METHODS(More)
The OMAHA System was adopted as the documentation system in an interventional study. To systematically record client care and facilitate data analysis, two Office Excel files were developed. The first Excel file (File A) was designed to record problems, care procedure, and outcomes for individual clients according to the OMAHA System. It was used by the(More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to understand the experiences of patients with breast cancer and their involvement during outpatient-based chemotherapy in Hong Kong. BACKGROUND The outcome evaluation using a mixed-methods approach is not common in interventional studies of nurse-led chemotherapy care programmes. A qualitative approach could provide a deep(More)