Shirley Richards

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BACKGROUND Multiple measures of adherence have been reported in the research literature and it is difficult to determine which is best, as each is nuanced. Occurrences of medication switching and polypharmacy or therapeutic duplication can substantially complicate adherence calculations when adherence to a therapeutic class is sought. OBJECTIVE To(More)
In the summer of 1991, four inmates from prison A in Upstate New York died of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis. To determine the extent of resistant tuberculosis at prison A and transmission patterns, the authors interviewed staff and reviewed medical records and inmate movement histories. Contact investigation results were examined to determine tuberculin(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether dentist-to-patient or patient-to-patient transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) occurred in the practice of a dentist who had the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). DESIGN Retrospective epidemiologic investigation supported by molecular virology studies. SETTING The practice of a dentist with AIDS in an(More)
The purpose of our study is to use Medicaid data to examine the relationship between race and (a) whether youth with schizophrenia or depression diagnoses receive anti-psychotic and antidepressant prescriptions and (b) adherence to anti-psychotics and antidepressants. The analysis is based on claims files from January 1, 2000 through June 30, 2001. To(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the effect of two separate policy changes in the North Carolina Medicaid program: (1) reduced prescription lengths from 100 to 34 days' supply, and (2) increased copayments for brand name medications. DATA SOURCES/STUDY SETTING Medicaid claims data were obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for January 1,(More)
SETTING West African capital city with excellent, population-based notification of tuberculosis cases during a decade with a rapidly emerging HIV epidemic. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the impact of the HIV epidemic on tuberculosis in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. DESIGN Review of data on all cases of tuberculosis registered in the city in alternate years from 1981(More)
The validity of the Estimated Learning Potential from the System of Multicultural Pluralistic Assessment was estimated using other measures of learning potential as criteria. In addition, correlations of traditional IQs with the learning potential measures were examined. The correlations between the Estimated Learning Potential and the criterion measures(More)
The concurrent validity of the motor domain from the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales was estimated using scores from the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales as criteria. A moderately high correlation between the measures was obtained. Implications, particularly for preschool children, were discussed.
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