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Password management strategies for online accounts
A study of 49 undergraduates quantifies how many passwords they had and how often they reused these passwords. Expand
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Secrecy, flagging, and paranoia: adoption criteria in encrypted email
We consider the social context behind users' decisions about whether and when to encrypt email, interviewing a sample of users from an organization whose mission requires secrecy. Expand
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Ideals and reality: adopting secure technologies and developing secure habits to prevent message disclosure
Development of security technologies tends to ignore difficulties with deployment in the real world. One research approach for improving adoption of secure practices and technologies is improving theExpand
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Screensaver for Note-Review
While screensavers generally display pleasant pictures or animations, our work discusses the possibility of utilizing a screensaver for reminding. We ported a peripheral notes display into aExpand
“ I ’ m Listening ” : Risk Assessment Culture with Encrypted E-mail
We just wouldn’t even get a response from other [pro-bono, volunteer] attorneys. I can bet on it that they wouldn’t be bothered. -Female, Legal What we’re doing is holding a protest and we want theExpand
Using the Wave Protocol to Represent Individuals’ Health Records
There are several challenges in aggregating health records from multiple sources, including merging data, preserving proper attribution, and allowing corrections. Both PHRs and Health Record TrustsExpand
Technology Companies are Best Positioned to Offer Health Record Trusts
Record Trusts Shirley Gaw (sgaw@google.com) Umesh Shankar (ushankar@google.com) A mistake on your credit report can make it hard to get a loan, but a mistake on your medical chart can kill you. TheExpand