Shirley A. Roe

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Continuous wave (CW) and pulsed Doppler ultrasound studies with spectral analysis were used to detect the left coronary arterial blood flow in patients who were undergoing routine echocardiography. The pulmonary artery is a stable ultrasonic landmark from which detection of the blood flow can be effected. The left coronary artery can be distinguished by its(More)
The presence of carotid ulceration was assessed by two readers for 55 B-mode ultrasound (US) studies. Intact surgical specimens were available for comparison. Ulceration was considered present if the following criteria were obtained: a continuous contour showing focal depression, a well-defined break in the surface 1 mm or more across, a well-defined back(More)
The validity of an orifice equation (Torricelli's law) which expresses a simple relationship between the pressure difference across an orifice and the maximum fluid velocity in the orifice was tested in vitro. An aqueous suspension of barium sulfate particles with a polymer added to attain variations in viscosity, was forced through orifices which ranged in(More)
is discerned only in the tacit suggestion made by their juxtaposition in a single volume that single-culture studies have heuristic worth for historians studying other cultures. Some of these essays, such as Christopher Lawrence's study of the medical profession's posture toward sanitary reform in Victorian England and John Scarborough's survey of public(More)
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