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To determine the consequences of living-related kidney donation, a study was conducted of 536 donors whose nephrectomies had been performed at nine geographically dispersed centers during the past 12 years. The data demonstrated that greater than 84.0% of the donors thought they had been adequately informed regarding all aspects of donation, and less than(More)
The present review was undertaken to examine the literature regarding the role of the marital relationship in treatment of agoraphobia from a behavioral couples therapy (BCT) perspective. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses were conducted to evaluate (a) whether marital quality predicts treatment responsiveness and (b) how best to include the spouse(More)
OBJECTIVE Hospitalized children experience significant pain despite improvement efforts. This study was undertaken to better understand the epidemiology of acute pain in hospitalized children and the extent to which existing measures reveal targets for improving pain management. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was used to audit pain assessment,(More)
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