Shirina Samreen

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Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs) are susceptible to having their effective operation compromised by a variety of security attacks because of the features like unreliability of wireless links between nodes, constantly changing topology, restricted battery power, lack of centralized control and others. Nodes may misbehave either because they are malicious and(More)
Malicious packet drop attack over the data plane in a MANET involves malicious nodes dropping the data packets after the route formation. In this paper, a security mechanism has been proposed to detect those nodes which exhibit the malicious behavior by dropping the data packets during the data transmission phase after participating in the route(More)
Communication in a Mobile ad hoc network is accomplished in a multi-hop fashion wherein the nodes themselves act as routers as well as source. MANET is vulnerable to a variety of insider as well as outsider attacks because of it's inherent characteristics like dynamically changing topology, limited power and no centralized authority to monitor the(More)
Most of the existing security mechanisms for detecting the packet droppers in a mobile ad hoc network generally detect the adversarial nodes performing the packet drop individually wherein false accusations upon an honest node by an adversarial node are also possible. In this paper, we propose a security mechanism to detect those nodes performing packet(More)
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