Shirin Jamali

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We studied the effect of magnetic doping with Gd atoms on the superconducting properties of amorphous Mo70Ge30 films. We observed that in uniform films deposited on amorphous Ge, the pair-breaking strength per impurity strongly decreases with film thickness initially and saturates at a finite value in films with thickness below the spin-orbit scattering(More)
The genome condensation in the sperm head is resulted with replacing of histones by protamines during spermatogenesis. It is reported that defects in the protamine 1 (PRM1) and/or 2 (PRM2) genes cause male infertility. Located on chromosome 16 (16p13.2) these genes contain numerous unstudied single nucleotide polymorphisms. This study aimed to investigate(More)
The properties of one-dimensional superconducting wires depend on physical processes with different characteristic lengths. To identify the process dominant in the critical regime we have studied the transport properties of very narrow (9-20 nm) MoGe wires fabricated by advanced electron-beam lithography in a wide range of lengths, 1-25  μm. We observed(More)
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) make highly sensitive probes to test magnetic resonance phenomena under unconventional conditions since spin precession controls singlet-triplet transitions of electron-hole pairs, which in turn give rise to distinct recombination currents in conductivity. Electron paramagnetic resonance can therefore be detected in the(More)
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