Shiraz Kalir

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The recent advances in large-scale monitoring of gene expression raise the challenge of mapping systems on the basis of kinetic expression data in living cells. To address this, we measured promoter activity in the flagellar system of Escherichia coli at high accuracy and temporal resolution by means of reporter plasmids. The genes in the pathway were(More)
Complex gene-regulation networks are made of simple recurring gene circuits called network motifs. The functions of several network motifs have recently been studied experimentally, including the coherent feed-forward loop (FFL) with an AND input function that acts as a sign-sensitive delay element. Here, we study the function of the coherent FFL with a sum(More)
Detailed understanding and control of biological networks will require a level of description similar to that of electronic engineering blueprints. Currently, however, even the best-studied systems are usually described using qualitative arrow diagrams. A quantitative blueprint requires in vivo measurements of (1) the relative strength of the interactions(More)
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