Shira Faigenbaum

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We examine how multispectral imaging can be used to document and improve reading of ancient inscriptions. The research focuses on ostraca, texts written in ink on ceramic potsherds. Three corpora of Hebrew ostraca dating to the Iron Age II were imaged in visible and near infrared light using a state-ofthe-art commercial spectral imager. To assess the(More)
Document binary images, created by different algorithms, are commonly evaluated based on a pre-existing ground truth. Previous research found several pitfalls in this methodology and suggested various approaches addressing the issue. This article proposes an alternative binarization quality evaluation solution for binarized glyphs, circumventing the ground(More)
The enucleated eyes of New Zealand albino rabbits were injected with 50, 100, 250, and 500 mg/kg of amoxicillin to determine the drug penetration into the aqueous humor, vitreous humor, serum, and other ocular tissues after oral administration. Detectable levels were achieved after each specific dose for at least five hours. In the aqueous humor, drug(More)
The study of ancient Israel’s texts and history has been a keystone of European scholarship since the Enlightenment. From the beginning of the 19th century, biblical exegesis contributed impressively to our understanding of these topics. Biblical archaeology joined in about a century later and provided critical evidence for the material culture of ancient(More)
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